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Ask the Expert: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)
Wednesday, April 30, 2014 - 12 Noon (Eastern Time)

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Michael Stanton-Hicks, MD

  • Anesthesiology Institute
  • Department of Pain Management
  • Cleveland Clinic

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is as bad as it sounds — severe, spreading chronic pain with redness, fluctuating skin temperature, and sometimes changes in body hair and nail growth. These issues make it hard for most patients to use their affected arm or leg, the body parts that are most often impacted.

As if that’s not enough, CRPS is not widely known by many doctors and is not well understood, so it is often misdiagnosed and many patients receive the wrong treatments or no treatment at all.

Treatment of CRPS requires multiple therapy approaches carefully coordinated by physicians and therapists who are experienced in this complex condition.

Cleveland Clinic offers pediatric and adult programs, designed to integrate a range of physical, occupational and psychological therapies — such as biofeedback, relaxation techniques and group therapy — on an inpatient and day-care basis over a three-week period. The pediatric program emphasizes psychological approaches, for patients and their parents alike, because of the importance of developmental changes in children’s responses to pain.

The techniques learned in these programs, sometimes together with well-chosen medications, enable some patients with CRPS to successfully manage their pain and lead active, “normal” lives. Other patients require additional interventions, such as nerve blocks or spinal cord stimulators that modulate pain by delivering electricity to the spine.

Take this opportunity and have your questions answered by our specialist, Michael Stanton-Hicks, MD who will discuss the treatment options for CRPS, different techniques to help you manage the pain and how best to communicate your experience of pain to others.

About the Speaker

Dr. Stanton-Hicks is board-certified in pain management and anesthesiology. His specialty interests include back, back neuropathic, back pain, back/neck pain, CRPS, complex regional pain syndrome, evaluation of back and neck pain, intensive care, neuromodulation, neuropathic, neuropathic pain, interventional pain management, interventional pain management for back and neck pain.

To make an appointment with Michael Stanton-Hicks, MD, or any other specialist in our Department of Pain Management at Cleveland Clinic, please call 216.444.PAIN. You can also visit us online at www.clevelandclinic.org/painmanagement

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