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Wednesday, July 30, 2014 - 12 Noon

Optimum Digestive Health: Probiotics & Fiber, Your Questions Answered

with Julia Zumpano, RD, LD


Are you tired of feeling bloated and irregular? Suffer from occasional gas? Have you considered how your diet affects your digestive system? Learn more during this one hour web chat on how you can take charge your digestive health.

Take this opportunity to ask registered dietitian Julia Zumpano your questions about the importance of good digestive health.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014 - 12 Noon

Heart Valve Disease and Surgical Interventions

with Vidyasagar Kalahasti, MD and Edward Soltesz, MD, MPH


Heart valve disease occurs when one or more of the heart valves do not work correctly and cause the heart to pump harder to circulate the right amount of blood through the body. Left untreated, heart valve disease can reduce a person’s quality of life and become life-threatening. Take this opportunity to learn more about valve disease and surgical interventions and have your questions answered by a cardiologist and cardiothoracic surgeon from Cleveland Clinic’s Miller Family Heart & Vascular Institute.

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Future Chats

Future Chats
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and Peter Aziz, MD
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08.20.14 Answers on Hip & Knee Surgery Michael Bloomfield, MD
and Juan Suarez, MD
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08.27.14 Sports Injuries and Concussions in Kids Richard Figler, MD
and Jason Cruickshank, ATC, CSCS
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09.04.14 Hepatitis C and Liver Disease Bobby Zervos, DO Register for Chat
09.10.14 Sports Cardiology - Tackling Heart Issues in Athletes Dermot Phelan, MD, PhD
and Gordon Blackburn, PhD
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09.11.14 Project CARE: Surgery, Diet & Epilepsy - [Video] Elia Pestana Knight, MD Register for Chat
09.16.14 What You Need to Know about Spinal Sports Injuries Kim Gladden, MD
and Kush K. Goyal, MD
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09.17.14 Adult Congenital Heart Disease Richard Krasuski, MD Register for Chat
09.22.14 Expert Advice on Cosmetic Treatments & Procedures Christine Poblete-Lopez, MD
and J. Vicente Poblete, MD
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09.24.14 What You Should Know about Scoliosis in Children and Adults Ryan Goodwin, MD,
R. Douglas Orr, MD
and John O’Connell, MD
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09.29.14 Ask the Vascular Surgeon - [Video] Daniel Clair, MD,
George Anton, MD
and Natalie Evans, MD
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10.02.14 Project CARE: Teens with Epilepsy - [Video] Jane Timmons-Mitchell, PhD Register for Chat
10.22.14 Answers on Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Jamie Starkey, LAc Register for Chat
11.06.14 Project CARE: Depression, Anxiety & Kids with Epilepsy - [Video] Tatiana Falcone, MD, MPH
and Jane Timmons-Mtchell. PhD
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12.09.14 TMJ & Migraine Pain Relief: A Chiropractic & Functional Medicine Approach Melissa Young, MD
and Andrew C. Bang, DC
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