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Monday, April 6, 2015 - 12 Noon

Head & Neck Cancers: What You Need to Know

with Mumtaz Khan, MD and John Greskovich, MD


April 12 – 18 is Oral, Head & Neck Cancer Awareness Week. Whether you’ve recently been diagnosed with a head and neck cancer or just have questions, take advantage of this unique opportunity to chat with two cancer experts from the Cleveland Clinic. Head & Neck Institute, surgical oncologist Mumtaz Khan, MD and Taussig Cancer Institute, radiation oncologist, John Greskovich, MD.

Monday, April 13, 2015 - 12 Noon

Let’s Talk Voice…Chat with an Expert

with Paul Bryson, MD


There are a variety of medical conditions that can lead to voice problems. The most common symptom is hoarseness. Common voice problems include laryngitis, vocal cord nodules, vocal cord paralysis, reflux, and voice over use. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to ask questions of voice specialist and Director of the Cleveland Clinic Voice Center, Paul Bryson, MD on medical management and surgical treatment options.

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Future Chats

Future Chats
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and Siva Raja, MD, PhD
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04.22.15 Men’s Health Concerns: Ask the Expert Daniel A. Shoskes, MD, MSc, FRCS(C) MSc, FRCS(C) Register for Chat
04.28.15 Transitioning with Autism: From Diagnosis to Adulthood Thomas Frazier, II, PhD
and Beth Thompson, MSSA, LSW
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04.29.15 Pediatric Kidney Stones: Medical and Surgical Management Jeffrey Donohoe, MD
and Raed Bou-Matar, MD
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04.30.15 Fibromuscular Dysplasia (FMD) Heather Gornik, MD Register for Chat
05.05.15 Osteoporosis Answers Chad Deal, MD
and Lynn Pattimakiel, MD
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05.07.15 Shingles Facts and Myths Robert Bolash, MD Register for Chat
05.08.15 How to Fuel up before, during & after a Marathon Kate Patton, RD, CSSD, LD Register for Chat
05.13.15 Eyelid Bags and Sags: Cosmetic Rejuvenation for a More Confident You Julian Perry, MD Register for Chat
05.14.15 Understanding Rare Vascular Conditions - [Video] Daniel Clair, MD Register for Chat
05.19.15 Lupus Answers Howard Smith, MD Register for Chat
05.20.15 Ask the Heart Surgeon Douglas Johnston, MD
and Edward Savage, MD
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05.21.15 Arthritis Answers Scott Burg, DO Register for Chat
05.21.15 Sports, Exercise and Your Heart Dermot Phelan, MD, PhD,
Gordon Blackburn, PhD
and Bryan Baranowski, MD
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05.29.15 Atrial Fibrillation and other abnormal heart rhythms Walid Saliba, MD,
Sergio Pinski, MD
and Mellanie True-Hills
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06.02.15 Discussing Scoliosis in Children and Adults David P. Gurd, MD
and R. Douglas Orr, MD
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07.07.15 Weight-Loss & Exercise Kylene Bogden, MS, RD, CSSD, LD Register for Chat
08.19.15 Answers on Joint Replacement Surgery Trevor Murray, MD,
Eric Ricchetti, MD
and Gregory J. Gilot, MD
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11.17.15 Healthy Eating and Type 2 Diabetes Andrea Dunn, RD, LD, CDE Register for Chat